Andrew Mahoney

Remote Sensing
Snow Ice Permafrost
My broad field of expertise is sea ice geophysics, but my research interests encompass climate change, coastal dynamics, ice-ocean interaction and the relationship between humans and sea ice. Arctic sea ice is a rapidly changing component of the global climate system and reports of its retreat make frequent headlines in international media. My research interests include the local implications of these changes for the Arctic residents. Sea ice geophysics also has an important role to play in providing data and information to stake holders and policy makers as commercial interests in the Arctic grow. At the opposite end of the world, Antarctic sea ice is not undergoing the same reduction in extent. The two Polar Regions are geographically very different from each other, so a difference should not be surprising. My research interests also include the processes by which ice shelves flowing off of the Antarctic continent influence sea ice growth through ice-ocean interaction at depth. In 2009, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to over-winter at Scott Base in order to study these processes in depth.
Present Research Interests: 
  • Sea ice geophysics
  • Remote sensing
  • Walrus habitat
  • Arctic food, water and energy security