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Robert McCoy
GI Director
Leads the GI in pursuing geophysical and space phenomena research
Laura Conner
GI Associate Director
Develops science learning programs and studies science identity, interest and motivation
Jessica Larsen
GI Associate Director
Studies the inner workings of active and potentially hazardous volcanoes in Alaska and elsewhere
Wade Albright
ASF Director
Oversees operation of the Alaska Satellite Facility
Cathy Cahill
ACUASI Director
Is an expert in unmanned aircraft systems and atmospheric aerosols
Jennifer Delamere
GINA Director
Oversees the Geographic Information Network of Alaska
David Fee
AVO Coordinating Scientist
Uses infrasound and seismic data to study volcanic eruptions and other explosions
Don Hampton
PFRR Chief Scientist
Uses optical instruments to observe and study the aurora and upper atmosphere
Martin Stuefer
ACRC Director and State Climatologist
Studies weather and climate
Denise Thorsen
ASGP Director
Oversees the Alaska Space Grant Program at UAF
Michael West
AEC Director
Improves seismic techniques for monitoring and understanding natural hazards and environmental change with an emphasis on Alaska