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Seismology & Geodesy

The faculty and students of the Seismology and Geodesy group pursue research around the globe while remaining directly connected to seismic and geodetic measurements of Alaska's dynamic tectonics. We study earthquakes, crustal and mantle structure, active tectonics and deformation of the Earth. We contribute to research topics of global relevance by leveraging the rich tectonics of Alaska, long records of instrumental recordings across the state and the high-performance computing resources of the Geophysical Institute.

The Alaska Earthquake Center, located within the Geophysical Institute, operates the earthquake monitoring and research network for the state and provides a connection between research and on-the-ground application. In coordination with state and federal partners, the center produces the tsunami hazard products that are used to educate and prepare Alaska’s coastal communities for future earthquakes and tsunamis.

Research Areas

  • Earthquakes
  • Earth structure
  • Crustal deformation
  • Alaska tectonics
  • Tsunamis
  • Volcano seismology and infrasound

Seismology & Geodesy Group

Students, Staff and Affiliates

Jordan Bishop
Graduate Student Researcher
Emily Graves
Graduate Student Researcher
Aakash Gupta
Graduate Student Researcher
Cole Richards
Graduate Student Researcher
Nealey Sims
Graduate Student Researcher
Kyle Smith
Graduate Student Researcher