The faculty and research scientists of the Seismology and Geodesy group pursue research around the globe while remaining directly connected to seismic and geodetic measurements of Alaska's dynamic tectonics. We study earthquakes in solid earth and glaciers, crustal and mantle structure, active tectonics and deformation of the Earth.

The Alaska Earthquake Center, located at the Geophysical Institute, is in charge of monitoring earthquakes in mainland Alaska and the Aleutian Islands. Center personnel educate residents about earthquakes throughout Alaska, the most seismically active state in the nation. As part of the National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program, the Earthquake Center informs Alaska communities about the risks of tsunamis and provides inundation mapping for many of Alaska's coastal communities.

Many faculty and staff from the group are affiliated with the Alaska Volcano Observatory, which is responsible for understanding and monitoring volcanic activity across the North Pacific.

We collaborate with the following groups at UAF: