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Prospective Students

Opportunities for Prospective Graduate and Postdoctoral Students

Student assistantships are available each year with the Seismology and Geodesy research group. We are seeking students interested in applying the computational tools of geophysics to issues in tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes in Alaska and abroad. Research assistantships provide tuition waivers and competitive stipends, as well as travel to conferences and fieldwork.

Because of the unique experiences available in earthquake and volcano studies in Alaska, our program is quite competitive. We support the master of science and doctoral programs offered through the UAF Department of Geophysics. Experience in geophysics is not required. However, a solid background in physics, mathematics or computer science is excellent preparation when combined with a strong interest in Earth sciences.

Many students affiliated with the Seismology and Geodesy research group assist with the daily operations of the Alaska Volcano Observatory and/or the Alaska Earthquake Center. The facilities provide students a chance to complement their individual research with real world application. Advanced degree students often play an important role in the operations of these facilities. This may mean an unscheduled instrument deployment following a crisis, a rapid analysis of an aftershock sequence or a midnight shift monitoring data streams from a restless volcano. These opportunities provide a context for individual research and experience with state-of-the-art data systems.

Both AVO and AEC provide professional facilities and data on which to build research in seismology and geodesy. This allows students to carry out research efficiently, focusing on analysis and interpretation, instead of data preparation. The student body in the geophysics area is quite strong and alumni work in a wide range of jobs in seismology and volcanology. Recent graduates hold positions with other universities, geophysical networks, observatories and private research institutions.

How to apply

If this mix of quantitative science and application appeals to you, there are several steps you can follow to become more acquainted with our program. Peruse faculty information online and feel free to contact them directly. For details about how to apply to the program, visit the UAF Department of Geophysics.