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Quick Facts

1.5 millimeters

amplitude of infragravity waves measured in sea ice using InSAR data


number of impact craters on Mercury with diameter over 10 kilometers identified using images from NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft

20 meters/year

rate of movement of frozen debris lobes in Alaska's Brooks Range determined from InSAR techniques

Remote Sensing

The Remote Sensing group has expertise in acquisition, processing and interpretation of data spanning the electromagnetic spectrum from ultraviolet to microwave wavelengths. Our group is involved in the development of new sensors and missions. We conduct research using data collected from satellites, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), manned aircraft and ground-based systems.

Current topics of study include sea-ice dynamics, permafrost-affected landscape change, ground deformation (using InSAR), volcanic-hazard monitoring, wildfire monitoring and mitigation, and planetary science.

Research Areas

  • Microwave and hyperspectral data collection and processing
  • Cryospheric studies
  • Earth systems
  • Volcanology
  • Planetary science
  • Hazards monitoring
  • Land use