Jeffrey Benowitz

Geochronology Facility
Tectonics and Sedimentation
Dr. Benowitz uses a broad spectrum of geochronology and thermochronology tools to study the Earth system. The following is a list of a few of the disciplines he has applied geochronology methods to: 1) Landscape development, 2) The evolution of geological structures, 3) Paleoclimate, 4) Archeology, 5) Hydrology 6) Magmatism 7) Mineralization, 8) Basin Analysis, 9) Terrane Accretion, And 10) Tectonic Plate reconstruction. The “Great” landscapes of Alaska (Wrangell Arc, Alaska Range, Talkeetna Mountains, Brooks Range) have been the focus of his personal research endeavors, especially when his climbing skills can be of use. Dr. Benowitz collaborates with University Researchers across the world, Federal USGS and NPS employees, Alaska State employees, and Industry Folk. He uses his background as professional adventure writer to bring the science of mountain building to a broader audience. Dr. Benowitz has taught Rock Climbing at UAF since 1999 and uses the course to encourage students to get involved in undergraduate research projects. Dr. Benowitz hitch-hiked to Alaska in 1990 from New York and has been involved in the UAF community ever since. He is married to Anna Liljedahl, a well known permafrost hydrologist, grower of apple trees, and is employed at the UAF Institute of Northern Engineering.
Current Positions: 
Group Leader Tectonics and Sedimentation, Research Assistant Professor, GI Geochronology Facility Lab Manager
Present Research Interests: 
  • Southern Alaska Fold and Thrust Belt
  • Landscape Development of the Talkeetna Mountains
  • Revelations Mountains: Block Rotation and Related Deformation
  • Geochronological Frame Work for the Cantwell Basin: Denali Dinos
  • Why is Mount McKinley so Big?: How do Restraining Bends Evolve with Time
  • Wrangell Volcanic Arc: Slab Edge Volcanism?
  • IODP Expedition 341: A 20 million Year Record of Explosive Volcanism in the NW Pacafic
  • Paleodrainage History of the Nenana River
  • Vertical Tectonics Along the Totschunda Fault
Selected Pubs: 
  • Jaramillo, S., Fowell, S.J., Sliwinski, M., P.J. McCarthy, P.J., Benowitz, J.A., 2016, Late Maastrichtian Climate of the Lower Cantwell Formation, Denali National Park, Alaska: Terrestrial Isotopic Evidence of Warmer Conditions. PPP
  • Kuehn, C., Guest, B., Russell, J. K., Benowitz, J. A., 2015, The Satah Mountain and Baldface Mountain volcanic fields: Pleistocene hot spot volcanism in the Anahim Volcanic Belt, west-central British Columbia, Canada, Bulletin of Volcanology, 77(3), 1-27.
  • Shimer, G.T, Benowitz, J.A., McCarthy, P.J., Hanks, C.L., Layer, P.W., Wartes, M., 2015, accepted, 40Ar/39Ar Ages and Geochemical Characterization of Cretaceous Bentonites in the Nanushuk, Seabee, Tuluvak, and Schrader Bluff Formations,North Slope, Alaska
  • Benowitz, J., Layer, P.W., VanLaningham, S., 2014, Persistent Long-Term (~24 Ma) Exhumation in the Eastern Alaska Range Constrained by Stacked Thermochronology, Geological Society of London Special Volume, 40Ar/39Ar Dating
  • Fitzgerald, P.G., Roeske, Benowitz, J.A., Riccio, Perry, Armstrong, 2014, Alternating Asymmetric Topography of the Alaska Range along the Strike‐slip Denali Fault: Strain Partitioning and Lithospheric Control across a Terrane Suture Zone
  • Martin, A. J., P. Copeland, J.A. Benowitz, 2014, Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar Ages Help Reveal the Neogene Tectonic Evolution of the Southern Annapurna Range, Central Nepal. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 412, SP412-5.
  • Riccio, S. J., Fitzgerald, Benowitz, J.A., and Roeske,2014, The role of thrust faulting in the formation of the eastern Alaska Range Thermochronological constraints from the Susitna Glacier Thrust Fault region of the intracontinental strike-slip fault
  • Akinin, V.V., Layer, P., Benowitz, J., Ntaflos, T., 2014, Age and composition of final stage of volcanism in Okhotsk-Chukotka volcanic belt: An example from the Ola Plateau (Okhotsk segment).
  • Tomsich, C.S., McCarthy, P.J., Fiorillo, A.R., Stone, D., J. Benowitz, J., O’Sullivan, P., 2014, New Zircon U-Pb Ages for the Lower Cantwell Formation: Implications for Late Cretaceous paleoecology and paleoenvironment at Sable Mountain, Denali NP
  • Roed, M., Barendregt, R., Benowitz, J.A., Smith, C., Sanborn, P.T., Greenough, J.D., Huscroft, C., Layer, P., Mathewes, R.W., Tessler, D., 2013, Evidence for an Early Pleistocene glaciation in the Okanagan Valley, southern British Columbia
  • Arce, J. L., Layer, P. W., Morales, C. E., Benowitz, J. A., Rangel, E., and Escolero, O., 2013, New constraints on the subsurface geology of the Mexico City Basin: The San Lorenzo Tezonco deep well, on the basis of 40Ar/ 39Ar geochronology
  • Benowitz, J. A., P. J. Haeussler, P. W. Layer, P. B. O'Sullivan, W. K. Wallace and R. J. Gillis, 2012, Cenozoic tectono-thermal history of the Tordrillo Mountains, Alaska: Paleocene-Eocene ridge subduction, decreasing relief, and late Neogene faulting
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  • Benowitz, J., P. Layer, P. Armstrong, S. Perry, P. Haeussler, P. Fitzgerald, and S. VanLaningham, 2011, Spatial Variations in Focused Exhumation Along a Continental-Scale Strike- Slip Fault: the Denali Fault of the Eastern Alaska Range