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Exploring the final frontier from the last frontier

Date and Time:

1222 Cowles Street
(The 2018 lectures will be held at the Raven Landing Center, 1222 Cowles Street, across from the Noel Wein Public Library)

Richard Collins' Photo
Richard Collins
Chief Scientist for the Poker Flat Research Range, Professor of Atmopsheric Science

Perched at Poker Flat Research Range in Alaska, the Last Frontier, scientists have been studying space, the Final Frontier, for nearly 50 years. These studies have allowed researchers to explore how processes launched from both the Sun and Earth impact our space environment. This talk will look at how scientists have and continue to use rockets at Poker Flat Research Range to conduct their work and better understand these connections between space and our environment. The talk will highlight recent scientific discoveries and the payloads that made them possible.