CIGO GroundsThe Jack Townshend College International Geophysical Observatory is a network of eight state-of-the-art facilities that collect geomagnetic, seismic and geophysical data to support research at the Geophysical Institute, the International Arctic Research Center and the U.S. Geological Survey, as well as other national and international organizations. The site is situated northwest of Smith Lake behind the UAF campus.

The facility was renamed in honor of its visionary and developer, Jack Townshend, in 2009. It is one of five scientific observatories Townshend helped develop across the globe during his career that spanned more than six-and-a-half decades. Townsend died in 2012.

The research site was completed in 1996. The US Geological Survey transferred responsibility for the CIGO site to UAF's GI in 2002.

See pull down menu on the right under Explore for guidelines and procedures for use of the site. CIGO was created to meet the needs of the various researchers and groups which use the site, permit expansion for new projects, assure maximum potential for each project and allow CIGO to collectively serve the scientific community.