Control and interface buildings

The Control and Interface buildings are primarily intended for communication and the distribution of data. Cabling and conduit to each of the buildings on the 200-foot radius circle connect back to the Control Building. Each building on the 200 foot radius has 24 pairs of #18 twisted, stranded copper wires, with shield, connected to the Control Building. The Control Building and the Interface Building are connected with two fiber optic cables, four strands in each cable.

As one works on a project in the Control, Interface and any other buildings, it is important to make sure each projects' cables are clearly and conspicuously labeled, neatly packaged, and installed on the ceiling, wall or in conduit if necessary. If attached to an instrument rack, be sure sufficient extra cable is looped to allow the rack to be moved to the center of the room to allow others to work behind it.

Except for short-term tests while someone is on-site, wires and cables should not be left on the floor or strung across a room where someone could trip over them or run through them.