Site security

Security for the CIGO is provided by an outer padlocked gate on Yankovich Road and an inner padlocked gate 500 feet from the center of the site. Keys are issued in the GI Operations Office located in room 616 Elvey (phone 474-7291). More information about key check-out procedures, forms, deposits, lost key fees and other related issues can be found at .

Security lights with photoelectric controls are located on each side of the Control Building. Please leave the locks to the gates on the gate when you enter the site. Do not take the locks away from the gates as this could inconvenience the last person to leave the site who may not be able to lock the gate. If anyone notices a lock missing or notices that the security lights are not functioning after dark, please notify the GI Operations Office immediately. If any vandalism is detected at the site, the GI Operations Manager should be notified immediately. If the GI Operations Manager is not available, notify University Dispatch Center.