Request Access

Storage quotas and rates take effect July 1, 2018. PIs and projects over quota in $CENTER1 and $ARCHIVE need to reduce data volumes or contact RCS immediately. Inaction will result in project member inability to read or write data starting July 1, 2018.

  • Access to RCS resources requires that you be a member of a project established by a UA Principal Investigator. Tenured or tenure track faculty, research faculty, and emeritus faculty are normally allowed to serve as a Principal Investigator. Other university employees including staff, research associates, or post-doctoral fellows may not serve as Principal Investigators unless granted an exception by their institute director or academic dean with the approval of the UAF Directory of Sponsored Programs.

    • UA Principal Investigator

      Principal Investigators are responsible for the members, storage, and other resource use of a project, and if additional resources are needed that are not covered by RCS subsidized services, procurement will be routed through the PI.

      Prior to establishing a project the Principal Investigator should note any special data management needs such as any obligations on data security, how long data must be retained, and/or ITAR compliance and notify RCS during the project creation process.

      To establish a new project please fill out the project account application form.

    • UA Collaborator

      If you are a UA Principal Investigator wanting to collaborate with non-UA colleagues on RCS or UA systems, please email with the subject: "Guest Account Application". Please include your project name and the collaborator's first name, last name, email address. Sponsored user accounts expire annually on June 30th.

    • UA Staff or Student

      The PI of your project must email RCS and request to add you as a member of their project. You will need to fill out a user account application form.

    • UA Classes and Course Instructors

      Instructors may request a project for their classes. Please complete a project account application form and user account application form and provide a list of students and their UA usernames to be added to the class project. 1 TB of long-term, offline tape storage ($ARCHIVE) is provided for class projects, and student data stored in the high performant online spinning disk ($CENTER1) will be deleted annually at the end of the spring semester. Class accounts must be renewed annually.