Service Rates - FY19

Storage quotas and rates take effect July 1, 2018. PIs and projects over quota in $CENTER1 and $ARCHIVE need to reduce data volumes or contact RCS immediately. Inaction will result in project member inability to read or write data starting July 1, 2018.

High Performance Computing Condo Model (Chinook)
Service Description Price $HOME Quota $CENTER1 Quota
Tier 1 Open to the UA research community using nodes procured for the community and unused portions of shareholder nodes. No cost for UA faculty, staff, and students 10 GB Project: 1 TB
Additional: $0.15/GB/yr*
Tier 2 For projects requiring runtimes beyond what is offered by Tier 1 or priority access to HPC resources. Approx. $9200/standard node for 3-yr membership 10 GB Project: 1 TB + 1 TB per node or equivalent investment
Approx. $9500/standard node for 4-yr membership
Approx. $9800/standard node for 5-yr membership Additional: $0.15/GB/yr*
Tier 3 For projects requiring dedicated HPC resources. Contact RCS Contact RCS Contact RCS
Online Spinning Disk
Lease Disk $0.12/GB/yr*
Purchase Disk Price of hardware, 20 hours labor install first year
Under Warranty: $5/TB/yr
Out of Warranty: $5/TB/yr + cost of replacement parts/drives + hourly labor for repair time
Additional copies on tape $0.05/GB/yr*
Offline Tape Archive ($ARCHIVE)
PI Quota 10 TB subsidized
Additional Quota $0.05/GB/yr*
Restricted Data Services (PENDING)
File Share No cost for UA faculty, staff, and students.
60 day purge policy.
Spinning Disk Storage $0.12/GB/yr*
Archive Storage 2 TB per UA PI
Virtual Machines
CPU Memory Storage Price/year**
Limit: 1 per PI.
1 1 GB 10 GB $0
Small 1 2 GB 10 GB $180
Medium 2 4 GB 10 GB $360
Large 4 8 GB 10 GB $720
Web Hosting Options
UA Google Sites Free
RCS Hosted Drupal or WordPress Cost of Virtual Machine + $300/year

*Offered in 100 GB increments.
**Includes backup of VM image.

Please contact RCS at for assistance to assess your project IT needs.

RCS services are for research projects and groups. Colleges, administrative offices, and academic departments should contact OIT at

All services are subject to availability and rates are subject to change.

A minimum $25 per year will be charged for any unsubsidized services utilized.

Services are invoiced upfront annually at the start of the fiscal year.

Additional labor to support project development or implementation may be coordinated between a PI and RCS, and direct charged to an award fund/org with permission granted by the PI through a Work Authorization.