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Alaska Science Forum

Weekly column in cooperation with the UAF research community.

POKER FLAT RESEARCH RANGE — Under a bluebird sky and perched above a resilient winter snowpack, two sounding rockets point upward, ready to blast through the thickness of our atmosphere to gain a b

It’s a safe bet that Aren Gunderson’s Toyota Tundra is the only one in Fairbanks that has had its bed filled with a Siberian tiger.

If you could have read that frost-covered fat-biker’s mind as he rolled toward McGrath, Alaska, “as if Velcroed to the snow,” you might have suspected he was a scientist.

On these March nights, a male boreal owl has been singing from a wooden owl box near our home.

The first days were the hardest days, Noelle Helder said.


Research facilities at the Geophysical Institute.