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Why the 7.0 earthquake was felt differently across Anchorage

The 7.0 earthquake just north of Anchorage on Friday morning shredded the earth with 2 million tons of explosive force, and generated 650 aftershocks within 30 hours, some of them large enough to rattle residents all over again, experts say.

There’s a good chance more nerve-rattling aftershocks are yet to come.

A forecast issued Saturday by the U.S. Geological Survey gives an 88 percent chance of more magnitude 5.0 aftershocks, like the two that jolted the city and surrounding areas late Friday night.

Five aftershocks with magnitudes between 5.1 and 5.7 had occurred as of Saturday evening.

The aftershocks have generally diminished in intensity and are expected to continue doing so. It’s far less likely that a 6.0 aftershock, or greater, will occur, the weeklong forecast says.

But residents should remain cautious as the power released by the quake fades, experts said.

People should keep a safety plan in mind, such as what desk or table they’ll dash under for protection, said Gavin Hayes, a research geophysicist with the USGS National Earthquake Information Center.

“It’s difficult to deal with aftershocks because you never how long they will last,” he said.

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