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Andy Aschwanden
Snow, Ice, and Permafrost

Studies glacier and ice sheet responses to atmospheric and oceanographic changes
Jeffrey Benowitz
Tectonics and Sedimentation

Uses geochronology and thermochronology to study the Earth system
Uma Bhatt
Atmospheric Sciences

Specializes in climate variability, from seasonal to multidecadal time scales
Katrina Bossert
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Studies dynamics in the near space region using ground based optical remote sensing instrumentation
William Bristow
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Uses radar techniques to study ionospheric and magnetospheric physics and ion-neutral interactions
Cathy Cahill
ACUASI Director
Is an expert in unmanned aircraft systems and atmospheric aerosols
Bernard Coakley
Tectonics and Sedimentation

Studies the marine geology and geophysics of the Arctic Ocean to reveal its history
Richard Collins
GI Associate Director and PFRR Chief Scientist
Researches weather and climate of the Arctic upper atmosphere
Mark Conde
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Uses sounding rockets and ground-based optical instruments to study space weather
Laura Conner
Remote Sensing

Develops science learning programs and studies science identity, interest and motivation
Hyunju Connor
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Uses simulations to study the coupling of the magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere
Peter Damiano
Space Physics and Aeronomy

Uses simulations to study particle acceleration and Alfven wave dynamics in space plasmas