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There Will Be Ice: An Outlook on Retreating Sea Ice for Alaska

Date and Time:

Andy Mahoney
Research Assistant Professor of Geophysics
UAF Geophysical Institute

Arctic sea ice has repeatedly made headline news in recent years for dramatic summertime losses leaving vast new areas of open water north of Alaska. This presentation will examine the ongoing retreat of sea ice and explore the measurements and observations behind the news stories. It will look at the latest data from ice buoys to see how the ice is regrowing since 2012 summer's record-breaking retreat and compare computer model predictions of the future state of the Arctic Ocean. Despite some predictions of virtually ice-free summers in the Arctic within the next few years, sea ice will continue to play a role in the lives of Alaskans during winter for many years to come. Drawing on experiences from different coastal communities, Mahoney will attempt to delve into the meaning of ice for those who live, work and travel in the North and consider some of the challenges and opportunities presented by an ice-diminished Arctic.