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Science on the horizon: The Geophysical Institute at 75 years

Date and Time:

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Portrait of Geophysical Institute Director Robert McCoy
Robert McCoy
Geophysical Institute Director

Alaska is an amazing natural laboratory for scientists to study geophysical processes to gain an understanding of how the Earth works. For 75 years, researchers at the Geophysical Institute (GI) have been observing and modeling the aurora; volcanoes; earthquakes; snow, ice and permafrost; atmospheric sciences; and tectonics. With manned aircraft, unmanned aircraft, radars, sounding rockets, and satellites, GI researchers study natural phenomena across the state and around the world. This talk will give a summary of ongoing research and operational programs led by scientists at the GI.


To join this talk, register on Zoom or watch live from the UAF or Geophysical Institute Facebook pages.