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Here Comes the Sun: Solar Maximum and the Aurora

Date and Time:

Schaible Auditorium, UAF
(Located in the Bunnell Building, 1764 Tanana Loop. Nearby parking: Bunnell Building, Bursar's Office, and Usibelli Building. Parking is always free after 5 p.m.)

Alex C. Young portrait
Alex C. Young
Associate Director for Science, Heliophysics Science Division
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Sun has a reliable activity cycle of roughly 11 years. During the previous solar cycle in 2019 a panel of scientists predicted the next cycle would reach its peak activity in 2025. That predicted cycle, now the current one, has surpassed the expectations of the panel. Data indicates the peak, called solar maximum, will occur this year in 2024 and be larger than expected. Alex will talk about what that means for us in terms of everything from aurora to the technology we rely so heavily upon.

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