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Astronomy mashup: Connecting physics and culture under the night sky

Date and Time:

1222 Cowles Street
(The 2019 lectures will be held at the Raven Landing Center, 1222 Cowles Street, across from the Noel Wein Public Library)

Richard Hechter
Richard Hechter
Associate Professor of Science Education
University of Manitoba

For generations, and often through storytelling, peoples across cultures, geographies and time have taught lessons, made prophecies and circumnavigated the globe using the visual displays of celestial phenomena. The common thread woven into all these culture-based narratives is that every story is authentic, real and true. One is not more right, or accurate, than any other. Astronomy can therefore become the vehicle from which we share these stores. From this place we can begin connecting our spirit with people of other cultures, respecting and celebrating the knowledges and insights of our global neighbors. Join us to hear a story about an intersection of physics and culture, including walruses playing soccer, bears and dogs, being detained in airport security, and finding an Inushuk in the Middle East.